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6 of the Best: Burger Sauces for the Summer

We’re sure all you burger lovers out there are looking forward to a lovely hot summer and some deliciously meaty burgers to gorge on. We know that most people need a bit of sauce on their burgers (or a lot in some cases) so if you’re serving up on a barbecue you’d better make sure you are fully stocked. When people visit a barbecue they usually put quite a lot of sauce on, maybe 2 tablespoons per big burger. If that’s the case a 50oz bottle of sauce should cover about 100 burgers. Whether you’re in the pub beer garden, a busy market stall holder or serving at an event here’s some top tips for different sauces you could use.

Tomato Sauce

The classic tomato sauce; run out of this at your peril. Most punters will at least enjoy some tomato sauce on their burger so make sure you’ve got plenty on hand. The feedback we often hear is that although cheaper might save you some money up front it might not be ideal for the reputation so think about what type you buy and make sure you try it first. Just remember as well that tomato sauce can often be over powering, and if you are serving high quality meat could potentially spoil the taste.

Burger Relish

If you want to add a twist of something special on your burgers, here at Cinders we are fans of tomato relish. Rather than a boring tomato sauce a tomato burger relish fuses a variety of other flavours to create a beautiful sauce. Typical burger relish would also contain some chilli, peppers, onion, garlic and coriander fused together with juicy tomatoes. The only challenge if you are selling burgers on a stall is ensuring you have plenty available. If you are selling a high quality burger it may be worth trying a fresh option. For high volume there are some great bottles available.


For burger lovers who like to add a little spicy kick to their meal then mustard is perfect. The wide range of mustards available gives you plenty of choice depending on your audience. The All American Yellow mustard is a huge hit with most people giving a real taste of the States. For more specialist and refined taste buds then a Dijon mustard, English or even wholegrain may be the perfect accompaniment, especially with a burger salad.


The nations love for Chipotle sauce has grown significantly over the last few years and this jalapeno derived sauce is a delight for anyone who prefers a finer tasting burger. Cost wise chipotle may not be appropriate for large scale events and once again we’d always recommend trying before selling to the general public. However, for foodies who want something different on their burger this speciality might just be the sauce that brings people coming back for more.

Blue Cheese

Steak lovers across the world will unite when it comes to having Blue Cheese as the sauce of choice on their burgers. Traditionally blue cheese is an easy sauce to make but it can also easily go wrong. Certainly not a sauce for the high volume events but if you have a local burger stall and want to provide something a little more upmarket for your customers then blue cheese might be worth a go.

Chimichurri Sauce

And now for something completely different. A Cinders favourite is this Argentinian delight, Chimichurri. Chimichurri can be made both red and green and is a garlic based sauce, perfect for grilled meats and can also be used as a marinade. The sauce includes coriander, parsley and oregano, pepper flakes, red or white wine vinegar, olive oil and plenty of garlic. If you’re serving this one to customers it can be chilled or frozen to keep, but remember that nothing replaces the freshness of a sauce like this.

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