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Barbecue Fit for a World Cup

As the Rugby World Cup hits our shores on the 18th September the anticipation is building as to who will be named World Champions in 2015. New Zealand go in as favourites but on home turf can England cause an upset? And remember, you should never write off the Aussies.

To keep with the rugby theme, and to catch those last minute World Cup barbecues here’s our guide to the World Cup of Barbecue Menus, from some of the best menus on the net.


Nobody does a barbecue quite like the Australians and if you were going to recommend a match winning recipe it would have to be Grilled Shrimp. Australians are well known for their love of barbecues and red meat but the shrimp has a special place on the Barbie. Shrimp are great on the skewer, marinated, seasoned and cooked until opaque.

New Zealand

The Kiwis enjoy a barbecue throughout the year, there’s no better reason for getting outside and enjoying food with friends. In the summertime the salads are out and families congregate to share great food together. The favourite of the Kiwi has to be sausages with tomato sauce and bread. Make sure you constantly rotate those sausages on the grill to cook thoroughly.

South Africa

South Africans love a Barbecue, or a Braai as it is called in Afrikaans, and the custom is a very social affair across South African states. You won’t find any plain meat here though, South African’s love meats on the barbecue that are full of flavour and spice. When going for something traditional from the South African heartlands why not try Ostrich. Warthog or even springbok?


Closer to home the Scottish enjoy a barbecue too and who can blame them? As the home of the Aberdeen Angus burger you will struggle to find a heartier burger anywhere in the world.

Whether you make your own using minced beef from the butchers are buy ready-made you’ll be sure to get the full rich taste which only the Scots can offer.


Wales of course is well known for its reliance on sheep for much of its agricultural industry and so what better place to start than a minted lamb burger. With minced lamb you can add garlic, shallots, cumin and pepper to bring out the rich tastes of the meat. Mix in some mint to really finish off the great taste.


The French are known for their love of Haute Cuisine, and are perhaps less famous for their barbecues. But with their beautiful summers the French have a passion for outdoor grilling. Perhaps the most traditional approach to a French inspired barbecue meal is the Chicken and Fig Brochettes. The sweet and savoury tastes provide a real barbecue sensation.


The Guinness itself might be enough to provide a meal for many but the Irish enjoy grilling on the barbecue as much as anyone. One of their traditional St Patricks Day meals is grilled corned beef, perfect for any barbecue this world cup.


And finally what about the English? Well, we love burgers, we love the sausages too, but one of our firm favourites at Cinders Barbecues has to be a tasty steak sandwich with plenty of fried onions. The sandwich in one hand and a cold pint in the other ready for the game…bliss.

With the excitement soon to reach fever pitch everyone will be getting ready to watch games in their droves. If you want to make sure your clients get the best experience why not put on a traditional barbecue. Check out our latest offers on barbecue rental for the Rugby World Cup.

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