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BBQ Recipes from Different European Countries – Europe Day 2022

Europe day is approaching! Next Monday, the 9th of May is the day to celebrate the unity in Europe and to commemorate the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration in 1950, the foundation of the European Union. Throughout Europe and all over the globe many people will be taking part in the celebration and raising awareness about the EU.

If you’re a chef, caterer, restaurant owner or someone who just wants to try a new BBQ dish, now is a good time to start experimenting and broadening your horizons. With 44 countries in Europe and 27 of them in the EU, there are many European BBQ dishes for you to add to your menu. But don’t worry, if you are struggling for inspiration, we are here to recommend a few of our favourite dishes to make your decision easier!

Below we have listed a few signature recipes and ideas from various European Countries for you to try out for Europe Day (or any other day for that matter!). So, whether you’re someone who just wants to taste a new cuisine, or you might be a chef who wants to introduce another culture into your restaurant or eatery - Cinders has got your back!

Let’s get into the good stuff, from one end of Europe to the other…

Our Top 5 Signature European BBQ Dishes

  1. Hungarian ‘Fatányerós’

Starting off strong is a BBQ mixed meat dish from Hungary. Fatányerós is perfect for any meat lovers and would be an excellent addition to any menu – probably becoming a family favourite! Presented on a large platter is a range of grilled meats – pork, beef, and veal are the most common options. Serve with fries, vegetables and a slice of bacon and you’re good to go.

We recommend this recipe from itsHungarian.

barbecue mixed meat grill

  1. Portuguese ‘Sardinhas Assadas’

Sardinhas Assadas is a grilled sardine dish that is a traditional Portuguese comfort food. This dish is a popular festival choice in Portugal, so if you’re an event planner wanting to have a Europe day celebration, this barbecue dish might be the one for you. Usually seasoned with coarse salt and olive oil, the sardines are simple but packed with flavour. Traditionally they are served with a slice of bread, but you can also accompany them with potatoes, grilled peppers, or a simple salad – the choice is up to you!

If you’re looking for a meal that is hearty and also relatively healthy this might be the barbecue dish for you!

Try out this recipe from Taste.

 grilled sardines on plate with salad and potatos

  1. Norwegian Barbecue Salmon

We have decided to include another fish recipe on our list for all of our seafood fanatics. Salmon is a very popular dish in Norway and other Scandinavian countries - a nice and light meal for the spring and summer months, therefore, perfect for Europe Day this May! Grilled on a barbecue and commonly served with a wedge of lemon and fresh vegetables, this dish is divine!

Have a look at this Plank Grilled Salmon recipe by Seafood From Norway.

 salmon infront of barbecue with lemon

  1. Greek ‘Souvlaki’

Now, this dish is bound to tickle everybody’s fancy – a signature barbecue skewer from Greece known as Souvlaki. Greek skewers are very versatile and can be made from grilled chicken, pork, beef and even lamb which is a fan favourite. Make sure to marinate your meats the Greek way to get the full taste experience. Slightly different to what you might say is the traditional barbecue skewer, Souvlaki is marinated in garlic, oregano, rosemary, and lemon juice. You can serve these skewers with pretty much anything you like, however, we suggest sticking to the country's roots and opt for pitta bread, Greek salad, and a side of tzatziki.

We love this barbecue skewer dish from Jamie Oliver which also includes a Greek cheese, Kefalotyri, that can be barbecued with your Souvlaki.

 souvlaki on top of rice with salad and pita bread

  1. Italian Grilled Aubergine

To cater for the people that don’t eat meat, we have also included a vegan alternative! Aubergine, or what some like to call ‘Eggplant’, is a staple vegetable used in many Italian regions. When this vegetable is barbecued, it creates a beautiful, charred flavour which is truly a taste sensation. If you’re a chef catering for non-meat eaters or someone who wants to cook up a delicious veggie meal, a barbecued Aubergine is a delicious option, especially with an Italian balsamic dressing.

P.S. If you love both meat and aubergines you can create this dish as a side and add your favourite BBQ meat as a main.

Follow this recipe by Vincenzo’s Plate to barbecue your Aubergine perfectly.

aubergine eggplant on the grill

We hope you enjoy celebrating Europe Day 2022 and have fun making these tasty recipes!


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