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Christmas is Coming and There is Much Optimism in the Air!

Vaccinations began this week and we have every reason to prepare for a bumper spring.

We at CINDERS wish all in the hospitality and events industries a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, without forgetting the trauma of the last few months and the months ahead as we gradually head for better trading. We also know effects on this sector have been deeper and more pervading than news headlines have suggested.

Whilst pubs and other front-line operators lost customers in the great cause of saving lives, unsung victims like rental companies which service the events sector, as just one example, also felt the chill wind of COVID-19. If one then considers the equipment distributors who supply those rental companies and the small engineering firms which feed into our own production processes it becomes apparent how widely commercial activity has suffered.

It seems as though we are at the beginning of the end of the crisis and CINDERS is committed to full-scale production with 100% retained employment from the 4th of January, confident that the ‘bounce-back’ will be tremendous as customers eagerly re-emerge to socialise (and spend) at every opportunity.

Our hearts go out to some other business owners and their employees whose livelihoods may never fully recover, but we must also look forward with the positive attitude which exemplifies the wonderful people who choose to work in hospitality.


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