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Don’t go Bacon Hearts this Valentine’s Day

We’re all going to have to go about the day of love differently this year and given that it’s as cold as ever at this time of year, preparation for your Valentine’s Day barbecue is key. As many of you will have done in the summer months, get your fire pit lit, get the blankets out and get your barbecue ready to go.

The Twelfth Night play, written by the one and only William Shakespeare had a quote in it, “If music be the food of love, play on” and although we can’t help anyone with the music side of things, we can help you with the food side of love, to make sure you don’t go bacon any hearts this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Here are our top Valentine’s Day barbecue recipes for you to try and woo your partner with.

Make Hearts Melt with BBQ Grilled Cheese

Not only do you get the classic grilled cheese dish from this, but you also get it with that added, subtle, smoky flavour.

Prepare your grill pan or electric for direct grilling on a medium heat and once your sandwich is prepped, put it on the preheated grill and cook it for no longer than 3 minutes, until grill marks start to appear on it. If you want to be fancy, you could even rotate it to get the hash looking marks on the sandwich.

Then you need to flip it over and do the same on the second side and after two to three minutes on the other side and then you’re done. Of course, you can garnish this with whatever you want or if you prefer, you can read a full BBQ grilled cheese recipe here.

The World is Your Oyster…

When it comes to romantic Valentine’s Day meals, oysters are one that the vast majority of people would think of considering they’re thought to be an aphrodisiac and what better on Valentine’s Day, right?

Well, if you want what some people think of as a Valentine’s Day staple, then oysters are the way to go. There are numerous different oyster recipes out there that you can utilise to grill the perfect oysters on your barbecue. Here’s a great barbecued oyster recipe.

Make No Mi-steak This Valentine’s Day

As for a main on Valentine’s Day, there’s only really one choice isn’t there, a steak straight off the barbecue.

There are of course a few things you need to be aware of when you’re grilling a steak for your partner, you don’t want to over-grill the steak if they prefer it to be medium-rare. There is an abundance of different steak recipes that you could try, check out this link on BBC Good Food to choose what you’ll try this Valentine’s Day.

Finally for the steaks, if you’re not a meat-eater, check out this link for some tasty cauliflower steak ideas.

Fall in Love S’more Each Day

After all that food, you’re obviously going to want to finish on a sweet note. S’mores are traditionally an American classic but there’s no reason that you can’t give them a go on your BBQ over here. In fact, we’d argue they’re better on the barbie!

You’ll need some tinfoil, biscuits (of your own choosing), marshmallows and some chocolate broken down into cubes. Create your s’mores however you like, whether you go chocolate on the bottom or on the top or even a bit on each side of the marshmallow, wrap them up in tinfoil once you’ve completed that and then stick them on the grill for around three to five minutes. A trick here is to put your s’more fold down on the grill and then when there’s around a minute left, flip them over to the single-thickness side.

One final trick to test them without unwrapping them is to take a spatula, or cooking utensil of your choice and press down on the foil and if it bounces back, the marshmallow isn’t soft enough yet. If you press down and there’s no resistance or bounce back, your s’mores are finished!

Et voila! That’s a little Cinders guide to Valentine’s Day done the right way; on the grill.

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