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Easter BBQ Ideas and Recipes

It’s April and we all know what that means – the month when the Easter bunny visits!

However, Easter doesn’t have to be all about eggs and bunnies, it can also be a time to relax and eat a great meal with your friends and family.

That’s why we recommend hosting a BBQ on the Easter bank holiday - especially if you own a restaurant or eatery, promote a delicious Easter BBQ event filled with meals fired up on the grill, we’re sure you’ll get a lot more people through the door that weekend. Your potential customers will choose to fill up on BBQ food rather than chocolate eggs!

We’ve put together a list of some ideas and recipes you could use on your Easter BBQ menu. So, whether you’re an individual looking to cook up some food for after your kids come back from an exciting egg hunt or you own a restaurant, pub or any eatery and need to put together a menu for your Easter BBQ event, Cinders have got you covered.

Let’s get into it…

Easter BBQ Starters

  1. Sliders

Sliders are going to be a great start to a fantastic barbecue experience! They’re delicious and tender, perfect for any meat-lover. Whether you choose to put beef, chicken or pork in your BBQ sliders, we’re sure all of your guests will crave more! After all, sliders are just mini burgers and who doesn’t love burgers?

Sliders are extremely versatile and you can choose to put anything you want in them. We like the look of these BBQ beef sliders cooked on the grill from Sargento.

bbq sliders

  1. Barbecue shrimp

Another great option to place on your appetisers menu, barbecue shrimp is a tasty and light way to start the feast off. Place them on skewers or create a BBQ shrimp salad with avocado, lettuce, corn, bacon and maybe some hard boiled eggs.

Shrimp is really easy and quick to prepare alongside being absolutely delicious.

Try this spicy grilled shrimp recipe from Allrecipes.

grilled shrimp

  1. Skewers & kebabs

One of the staples of a great barbecue – you can put just about anything on kebabs. Skewer some chicken, veg, halloumi and more – the list is endless. Kebabs will really set the pace for your Easter BBQ event.

There’s something for everyone on the barbecue skewer recipes section of the BBC Good Food website including chicken and chorizo skewers, tikka skewers, sardine skewers, lamb skewers, beef skewers and plenty more. So, whether you want to be traditional or adventurous, or even offer a bit of both, kebabs are the right choice for your starters menu.


Easter BBQ Mains

  1. Smoked leg of lamb

This one takes a while to prepare and cook, so if you own a restaurant and need a showstopping menu item, a great idea is to let people know to pre-order a beautiful leg of lamb for the table. You’ll be able to properly marinate the meat before your customers arrive for their meal. You can be really creative with the presentation of the lamb – whether you pre-carve it before leaving it in the middle of the table or carve the meat at the table for your diners to see, we’re sure they’ll have a great eating experience.

Have a look at this herb and red wine rotisserie leg of lamb from Spruce Eats.

smoked leg of lamb

  1. Smoked ham

If you’re worried that some of your diners might not fancy lamb – then you could also offer a delicious smoked ham. Whether you choose a honey glazed ham or decide to put your own signature seasoning on it, smoked ham would be a great choice for a BBQ.

For how to smoke the perfect ham, take a look at this recipe from Oklahoma Joes.

smoked ham

  1. Grilled lobster tails

For the seafood-loving diners of the world, grilled lobster tails are perfect to have on your Easter barbecue menu. Providing a hint of luxury, these lobster tails are sure to make any diner impressed. Make sure not to waste the rest of the lobster though! You can even offer lobster rolls as well to use the claws and legs meat in.

Directing you back to BBC Good Food for their delicious-looking grilled lobster tails with lemon & herb butter.

lobster tails

  1. Vegan option

We always think it’s best to cater to everyone if you’re a chef or if one of your friends is a vegan or vegetarian, just because you’re hosting a barbecue, doesn’t mean they have to miss out so make sure to include at least one vegan starter, main meal and dessert on your menu. You can use meat substitutes to create vegan ribs or put a bit of flair on veggies with a grilled aubergine or plant-based burger recipe. Grill up some barbecue tofu or be creative with a cauliflower steak, the choice is yours.

We think this easy BBQ veggie burger recipe from The Conscientious Eater should do the trick.

 vegan bbq

That was our list of the best recipes and ideas for your Easter BBQ!


Barbecue Equipment from Cinders

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