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Fish – a fresher alternative when the summer temperatures soar!

Dining al fresco can be a big draw at this time of year and a commercial barbecue from British manufacturer Cinders Barbecues Ltd can be unfolded and cooking within minutes, allowing you to take advantage of an unexpected burst of sunshine and keeping your customers happy and relaxed with a drink and a bite to eat.

Everyone has heard the ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ phrase and fish and seafood is a great alternative to the traditional burgers and sausages from the barbecue, particularly during the summer when we love to be outdoors.

As the temperatures soar we crave something light, tasty and nutritious. Think shrimp skewers with summer veggies – so quick and easy. For a lower cost alternative try fish tacos – salmon with basil mayonnaise, or any firm white fish with a refreshing mango salsa or try something spicy like zesty lime and coriander dressing with a light coleslaw
The soft taco shells take only seconds to warm through on a griddle or flat top and the fish cooks quickly on a Cinders barbecue with supportive grilling surface set to medium – see fish tacos and shrimp skewer videos

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