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How to get a back-to-school BBQ going!

All around the country, parents will have been preparing the kids for going back to school as the long, leisurely summer holidays start to draw to a close. Families will have taken the opportunity to spend some time together away from work and study, enjoying camping, caravanning, and some great British hotels and holiday camps… while others will have taken a trip further afield to enjoy some slightly more reliable sunshine abroad.

But now we’ve bought the crisp, new uniform, the books and book bags, and the lunch bags and are facing the challenge of getting the children up early out of their bed, dressed and out of the door, with all the right equipment, and presented at the school gates in time for the bell.

How firing up the barbie can help with the post school holiday blues

Despite the strain on the wallet keeping the kids entertained over the holidays, most of us will agree that they’re a chance to spend some quality time together, feeling relaxed, talking to each other and having good old-fashioned fun. Holidays are good for your health – and relationships – and if the thought of going back to the same, old routine fills you with dread, why not plan some activities, over the next few weeks, that will help you keep your spirits lifted for just that little bit longer.

One cheap and cheerful activity that is healthy, fun and reminiscent of summer is firing up the BBQ. Spending time outdoors grilling is a natural medicine that helps improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why not make going back to school an excuse for a barbecue event

Why not arrange a Back-to-school-BBQ? You could do this on a small-scale at home in the back garden, or you could arrange to do this with other parents in your local area…

You could even make this a more official event with the school and Parent Teacher Association. With hot dogs, hamburgers and all the trimmings, this could be an opportunity to meet the teacher and new school friends with the added bonus of raising money for the school.

If the school is looking for a high quality barbecue that can be used year after year to cook delicious, healthy food for school events, why not browse our range, where we have something for every occasion, from Cinders Barbecues.

Pack the great BBQ taste into a healthy school lunch box

And because wasting food you’ve cooked on the barbecue is a ‘big missed steak’, why not look at carrying on the fun feeling of the Great British Barbecue through your child’s school lunch box to brighten up their Monday morning. Surprise them with some barbecued chicken or salmon in a bun with some salad or raw veggies and some delicious BBQ sauce… or pull the meat off grilled ribs and pop this into a wrap with some shredded cabbage, a hint of lime juice and some mayonnaise.

Cinders wishes everyone going back to school a happy, healthy and successful year. Here’s to next summer!

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