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With sporting calendars underway up and down the country amateur sports people, the ones that don’t get paid thousands of pounds a week, are busy robbing Peter to pay Paul. Running a community sports club can often be a thankless task, not least because of the costs incurred in managing everything. Kits, venues, insurances and equipment are just some of the overheads that need to be met and often the weekly subs just aren’t enough.

At Cinders Barbecues we help sports clubs find our Slimfold Grills for summer fayres and club events through our ‘where to rent’ tab on our website. Typically you could cook up to 60 burgers at any time on a Slimfold TG160 Grill, and up to 1,000 burgers a day! Imagine the profits available.

Summer Fayres aren’t the only way to raise money for your sports club and here we look at five other top tips for bringing income into your sports club.

Supermarket Bag Packing
Many local supermarkets allow sports clubs, especially those with youth teams, to turn up on a Saturday and help shoppers pack their bags. In return teams are allowed to place donation buckets by the tills in order to receive donations of loose change when it comes in. This can be a great way to raise money quickly and it’s worth visiting your nearest supermarkets to see if they have space available.

If you have a lot of people involved in your club at various age groups what about a monthly newsletter. You could even include competitions to encourage away supporters to purchase. Use the newsletter as an opportunity to attract local sponsorship, informing them how many people will be purchasing the newsletter each month.

Second Hand Sales
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you rummage through those old equipment stores and kit stores you might just find bits and pieces that people are willing to pay for. Get onto Ebay and Gumtree and see if you can make some money from those unwanted items.

The Captive Audience
Are you making the most of spectators on match-days. There may only be a few but over the course of a season income can add-up. Do you have a tuck shop in your changing facilities? Do you sell scratch cards or run competitions? Be inventive and think of great ways you can get members of the public to part with cash.

Saving Money
OK so this isn’t necessarily about making money but are you doing all the best things possible to save money? Are there members of your squads who could get access to equipment and kit savings such as a student discount? If you own changing facilities are you making sure that you are getting the best deals on utilities? Rather than using a launderette is it worth getting team members to wash kits to save money.

When an organisation is run for its members it can sometimes be difficult to identify the best ways to make money to ensure continued survival. But with one or two changes you can be sure that your commercial approach will reap dividends in the long term of the club.

To find out how you could earn extra income from a Slimfold Grill come and check out our rentals page.

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