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Pub Grub Catering

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned pub meal. Whether you’re into pie and chips, burger and fries or the timeless Sunday roast dinner, nothing beats a leisurely stroll to the local for a satisfying meal with family and friends.

If you’re in the pub catering industry, you’ll understand this concept perhaps better than most. You’re not a Michelin Star gourmet restaurant, or a fast food joint; you’re providing the homely-styled, professionally cooked food people would come to expect from a good standard of local pub. But that shouldn’t stop you from making a name for yourself!

Here’s some good ideas which you should take into account when running a pub catering for the general public.

Keep it Simple

Ever sat down to be handed a 10 page menu with different times, prices, themes, combinations, deals...etc…? It can be over-facing and complex for someone just wanting a good meal.

When planning your menu - keep it simple! Keep in mind the reason why people have come to visit you specifically and lay out your menu in a fashion which will reflect this. Make sure you have clear sections for deals, partitioning options such as grill, vegetarian, foods from around the world...etc.

Be Proactive

The last thing you want your waiting on staff to have to say is “sorry, but we’re out of’ll have to pick something else!” Not only is this hugely inconvenient and defeating the entire object of that person's visit (possibly!) if that’s what they came for, but it can look very unprofessional.

Keep an eye on trends which are seasonally specific, for example, you’re more likely to sell turkey dinners around Christmas than in the peak of summer! Make sure your ordering reflects these demand trends and you’re not running out of popular produce.

You want that repeat business - the ‘regulars’ who will come and consistently spend time and money with you. Don’t lose this business because you’re one chicken short!

Take Reservations

If you can forecast the amount of business which is due over the next few days, then you can prepare accordingly. By all means, this does not mean you can’t take walk-in business, as that is the bread and butter of running a pub, but letting people secure a table not only gives them a great customer service experience, but allows you to plan accordingly - as per the point above.

Choose the Right Equipment

We know one of the biggest challenges for a lot of pubs offering catering services is the physical space which you have to work, store stock and equipment as well as leaving enough room for your customers!

Be clever with the equipment you invest in, from the front-of-house furniture to the kitchen and storage solutions. If you’re not offering smoothies - don’t invest in a smoothie maker.

If you can invest in equipment which is easily stored away when not needed, or not in use, this will make life much easier for you, your workers and your customers!

Our barbecues can be folded down and stored upright, taking up a very small amount of floor space. Ideal for when the weather turns a bit cooler and the demand for freshly made barbecue food starts to drop! Get in contact to see how we can help with your pub catering requirements and how you can invest in a robust and reliable Cinders barbecue.

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