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Ten Top Summer Songs

The promise of warmer weather on the way means only one thing – barbecue parties are on the way! Here at Cinders Barbecue we’ve been asking around the office for everyone’s essential summer hits for a perfect barbecue or garden party. After some hot debates, here is our top ten! Please feel free to add yours in the comments box and keep the summer vibes going – we welcome your additions.

  • Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
    8 months in the making, Good Vibrations is rightly regarded as a work of genius. Described by the band’s publicist as a ‘pocket symphony,’ the song’s multiple layers of vocal harmonies, Electro-Theremin and heavenly strings make for one of the most mind altering and instantly uplifting summer hits in history.
  • Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
    Reminiscent of road trips and the haunting, bittersweet memories of carefree young love, Brown Eyed Girl is one of the most melodic, classic summer songs of all time. If you’re playing it in the UK, the fleeting nature of summer itself makes this one even more poignant.
  • One Love, Bob Marley
    Many of the online summer playlists we’ve seen here at Cinders seem to be missing one absolutely vital component – Bob Marley! Reggae music should be compulsory at any garden party and Bob Marley is the undisputed king. One Love, with its beautiful message of seeking community in times of adversity, cannot fail to turn up the feelgood factor.
  • Sunday Shining Finlay Quaye
    No sooner than you hear the irresistible slide guitar riff that opens this unforgettable 1997 summer scorcher, the urge to dance will be difficult to ignore. Fusing its lush, soulful brass section with Finlay’s wistful, reggae lyrics, Sunday Shining truly is an underrated summer masterpiece that sounds just as fresh almost 20 years on.
  • The Magic Number De La Soul
    With its driving beats, sampling and hypnotically monotone, laidback vocal style, The Magic Number is a great summer tune for all those who remember the 80s. Serve chilled.
  • Fire Jimi Hendrix
    Here at Cinders we would have no objection whatsoever to Jimi’s polite pleas to stand next to our fire, and with the surprising dearth of songs specifically about barbecues, we will take this summer floorfiller with the pun absolutely intended!
  • Summer Lovin’, Olivia Newton- John and John Travolta
    Play this one after 9pm and it is more or less inevitable that your guests will be powerless to stop themselves not only singing along but creating a hand gesturing, strutting flashmob of embarrassing dance moves. Only the supercool or extremely reserved are immune!
  • Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf
    If you’ve been working all week in a stuffy building while the sun shines outside, Born to be Wild is an instant energiser to bring out the rebellious teenager in even the most conformist person you know. Whether you’re old enough to have seen 1967 movie Easy Rider or not, this song has the power to get you in the mood for resigning from your day job, busting your best moves and riding your imaginary Harley Davidson into the sunset. If this is an office party, play with caution.
  • Crazy in Love, Beyonce
    Like the steam rising from Georgia asphalt, Beyonce’s Crazy in Love perfectly captures the heart pounding, obsessive mania of hot, young romance. As the sun sets and the drinks flow, this tune is sure to turn up the heat at your summer party!
  • (Love is Like a) Heatwave, Martha and the Vandellas
    Hot weather and blossoming love affairs go hand in hand in summer hits, and this Motown classic has it all. Turn it up loud for a celebration of everything exuberant and summery for as long as it may last!

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