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The Best of British Manufacturing: Why we are Proud of our Roots

For the past thirty years, Cinders Barbecues has been fortunate to fit our product values in with those of traditional British manufacturers. I believe this has given us not only our success at home but we’ve also been able to grow our business abroad.

What makes British unique?

Let’s face it, we’ve had to be good. As an island nation it’s not always possible to rely on others to provide us with the resources we need. We are a proud nation and we don’t like letting people down. That’s why when we make anything we’ve been led by quality.

As a nation we may not appear always to be at the forefront of technological advancement, although this is changing, or driven to provide the cheapest solution on the market. We have however always delivered the best and most reliable products. We pride ourselves on our ability to make long lasting and cost effective products that consumers can enjoy for years and years. It’s the same values at Cinders Barbecues. We produce barbecues that our clients own for a long time. Furthermore, when they find that they no longer have a need for their barbecues the resale value remains high.

How is ‘British Made’ perceived abroad?

We don’t do things by halves as a nation. We don’t cut corners and we don’t look for quick fixes, we do our best to get it right, -first time. It’s something our Victorian forefathers taught us. That means our industries have strict regulations and controls to ensure our products meet high standards. Health and Safety for example is one area where we don’t take chances, and rightfully so. This also means that when our international clients come to Britain they know without doubt that they are purchasing the best. At Cinders Barbecues the many standards for safety and quality are woven deep into the fabric of our processes.

What makes Cinders Barbecues unique?

From the top down we understand the importance of reputation in the short, medium, and long term. Our product is handmade in our Bentham factory in England’s Northwest, by a team with every fourth person as a designated Quality Controller with direct access to the Managing Director. Throughout the year they work incredibly hard to deliver the highest quality barbecues using a mix of traditional and modern engineering techniques. Together we ensure that businesses across the UK and the world can enjoy the benefits of wonderful barbecue focussed events without having to be concerned about the reliability of equipment.

What’s next?

It’s a case of more of the same. The country’s manufacturers have stood resilient through one of the toughest economic crisis on record. Britain is well on track to regain pre-recessionary throughput without having compromised on quality. Now is a great time to build on that success and look to the future. As we look at the next stage of our own business we won’t forget that the success of a great barbecue comes down to the values of what makes British manufacturing great.

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