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Tips for Keeping Customers Comfortable Outdoors

At this time of year we all like to be outdoors and there’s no environment where that is more obvious than pubs and restaurants. When customers look forward to the sun all year round they aren’t about to waste time sitting inside.

At Cinders Barbecues we don’t just deliver top class barbecue equipment, we also produce a range of heaters which allow customers to stay warm outside even as the Sun goes down. There are so many things that go into making your outdoor area comfortable for all customers.


The Cinders Q1800 heater uses infra-red technology to instantly heat up an area such as a beer garden to keep those customers warm in the evening. Without a naked flame they are perfect for keeping safe and are easily mounted onto walls. Not only are these quick and easy to install but cost wise they provide a great return with running costs less than 25 pence an hour on standard tariffs. Finally, which is great news in this weather, Cinders heaters are weather resistant meaning come rain or shine everyone can benefit.


In the past floodlighting was the main option for a typical beer garden space however, as our tastes have become more refined and our ideas of outdoor comfort change, lighting designs are becoming more contemporary. Wall lighting, floor lighting and lights incorporated into other structures such as awnings and gazebos are common features. It’s worth considering a range of options.

Child Friendly areas

With more and more pubs choosing to open their doors to families it’s important to keep the kids entertained. Traditional play areas with swings and slides are great. If you have the space, games like Giant Jenga and Connect Four also come in handy for keeping them entertained, as do colouring books. However with more and more kids picking up technology at even younger ages sometimes just making sure you have a great Wi-Fi signal is enough for them to play on parents mobiles and tablets whilst mum and dad relax.

Smoke Free Zones

With widespread suggestions that the number of UK smokers is beginning to fall there is an argument to say that an outdoor space would benefit from being protected for non-smokers. Indeed many believe that beer gardens have become smoking gardens since the smoking ban, meaning non-smokers have been isolated, often forced to stay indoors. Would you benefit from a non-smoking area?


Ideas for beer garden furniture can come from anywhere and in an age of upcycling and recycling it need not be too expensive. Standard furniture is great, but check out some ideas for beer garden furniture on Pinterest to get inspiration for how you make best use of an outdoor space. For more information on how Cinders can help to provide heaters and barbecues for your beer garden check out our product pages for more details.

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