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Welcome Our New Product : The Q-1800 Heater!

If the chilly weather is stopping you from making the most of your outdoor space, then stop missing out!

We've just released a brand new product, which will warm up even the coldest corners of your outdoor space.

We have found that long-lasting, efficient products are key for our customers. The Q-1800 has been specifically designed for outdoor heating.  This will help make your outside space more inviting.

The instant heat means that in case of a sudden chill, or warm spell, you can alter the power immediately. People experience temperature differently, so being able to easily adjust heater temperatures is crucial.

Our heaters come with a wall fixing component, for flexible positioning.  We also offer heater tripods, giving you more portability and flexibility. The tripods are constructed from strong material, to remain stable in all weather conditions. These fixtures are also handy if you want to incorporate the heating device temporarily.

The Q-1800 heater uses energy-efficient infrared technology, a money saver when compared to a gas fuelled model. With operating costs of less that 25p per hour, this heater will be a good investment, providing real savings in the long term.

We provide our commercial products to a wide range of customers throughout the hospitality industry, from catering and events, restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs to education, rental, theme parks and many more. No matter what your type of business, this heater can make a real difference to your outdoor space!

If you would like to speak to us about the Q-1800, or any of the other products that we have available, then please contact us. Our experienced members of staff are on hand to answer any questions or queries that you have.

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