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What do Barbecues and Wimbledon have in Common?

Well it’s that time of year. The strawberries and cream are out, orange cordial is flowing and we’ve got plenty of sun interspersed with the occasional shower…. Well it wouldn’t be Wimbledon without it. As our hopes once again pin on Andy Murray lifting the nation now is the perfect time to tell you why barbecues and Wimbledon go hand in hand.

Perfect for Summer

When the Sun comes out there are few things that us Brits love more than striking up a barbecue. In fact we wait all year for those first signs of Sun; we look out for what we call ‘Barbecue Weather’. It’s the build-up and the anticipation. When the Sun is finally here we’ll stay outside all summer taking our barbecues to the parks, beaches and beauty spots, making the most of the weather.

And we do the same with tennis. We wait all year long and then we go Wimbledon mad. For those few weeks we pick up the tennis rackets and hit the courts as we try to serve like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Children pick up plastic rackets for the first time and we all go tennis crazy.

Competitive Streaks

Dads in particular will know all about this. When it comes to the barbecue, more often than not, it’s the dad’s domain. He wants everyone to see how good he is with a barbecue and the quality of the burgers and sausages he prepares. Don’t get in his way, you may just find you feel the force of his wrath if you put him off his stride.

Few sports have delivered competitive characters like John McEnroe and Andy Murray. They don’t like to lose and goodness knows that when things aren’t going well we’ll all know about it. Sound like anyone we know dad?

Always Best Outdoors and on the Grass

All the other tournaments on the tour have their plus points and are favourites for some but Wimbledon has long been regarded as the first home of tennis. The traditional outdoor game, on the grass, with the Sun beaming down allows us all to enjoy the very best of British, either as players or spectators.

Ok, so it’s rare that you’d enjoy the barbecue inside but when the suns shining, what better way to enjoy the outdoors, the parks or the beaches than with a barbecue?

Bringing People Together

Since as far back as we can remember, at Wimbledon time, the nation comes together to throw its weight of support behind one particular underdog (although that hasn’t been the case recently). Tennis gives us something to talk about at work, in the pub, with our friends and with our families. We all enjoy coming together to support one particular cause.

Barbecues, like no other form of entertainment, bring us closer together as friends and colleagues and break down formality. They are the perfect centrepiece for a social and work gathering.

So at this time of year, as the Sun beats down, let’s all get together and enjoy the tennis.

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