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Why Every Business Should Have a Barbecue

Ok, so maybe we are biased but we think every business should have a barbecue and after reading this you might agree.

Why Every Business Should Have a Barbecue


At this time of year especially, staff and management alike are all looking forward to barbecues. We work with many businesses that have a summer party. It’s the time of year when everyone can really let their hair down. The barbecue is the perfect accompaniment for staff parties or those networking events where you want to impress clients by showing them you are the most fun company in town.

The Perfect Team Building Exercise

A barbecue is not just a meal, it’s an event, an experience. The sheer preparation that goes into a barbecue will bring your team together. Someone will need to get the food, someone else the drinks, someone will be assigned responsibility for setting up, someone else for cooking. Once the barbecue is fired up and that first burger comes off the plate the anticipation is over and everyone can tuck in.

It breaks down formality

When else is it ok to speak to someone whilst you’ve got a bit of sauce or mustard running down your chin? For some reason, perhaps the ale that flows as well, the barbecue allows us to do away with the formalities and enjoy each-others company in a more relaxing way.

Usually a barbecue is a great chance to do away with the shirt and tie and get into the casuals. As Barack Obama once said to a formally dressed David Cameron, 'Did you not get the memo? - it's a barbecue!'

You’ll become the talk of the town

Every year several clients of ours tell us how their summer barbecue has become the hottest ticket in town. Anyone who’s anyone is there. The reputational benefits for hosting great barbecues are second to none.

Great for Families

That’s right, if you want to put on an event to say thanks to a large amount of staff and their families, the barbecue plays the perfect host. Kids and adults alike love to indulge in hot-dogs and burgers in between games of rounders and other fun activities.

Hire out to other businesses

Clients of ours who own a Cinders Barbecue, are often asked by clients to borrow their barbecue, how about that for a relationship building technique.

Use for Private Parties

Business owners often like to host their own parties for friends and family at the weekend and you know how some people love to play host. If your business owns a fantastic commercial barbecue then what better way to entertain your friends. You know for a fact all the fellas will be stood gathered round admiring it.

These are just some of the great benefits of owning your own commercial barbecue. What’s more Cinders Barbecues are renowned for their long life and ability to hold value. A high quality barbecue is more than an investment for any business.

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