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Winter BBQ Food Ideas

With England coming to the end of our lockdown period and it beginning to look more likely that we’ll be heading back into some kind of local, tiered lockdown system, unfortunately now isn’t the time for people to be gathering or seeing friends.

Because of this, and the fact that very little will be happening once lockdown is lifted, such as Christmas markets, we thought we’d cover something a bit different for you in this month’s blog post.

We all know that burgers, chicken, and sausages are commonplace on a barbecue, especially here in the UK, but seeing as winter is upon us, the weather is turning and it’s getting colder, we wanted to give you a different type of inspo in terms of different foods you can grill yourself over the coming weeks and as the weather draws in.

First and foremost, if you are wanting to still use your actual barbecue for this, make sure you reposition it if you can. If you can get it closer to the back door, that means you don’t have to travel as far to your barbecue, but it’ll give you some added protection from the weather, too.

When it comes to the food you put on your BBQ, many places will tell you to keep it simple, especially in the winter, but just because it’s cold or rainy outside, it doesn’t mean your BBQ has to be boring.

Grilled Lobster

First up, for those of you who are fans of the finer things in life, we’ve got grilled lobster. One of the reasons that you don’t need to keep it simple when it comes to your winter barbecues is dishes like this. You can do all of your prep in the hours before you grill and then when it comes to grilling, you can just chuck your lobster on the barbecue and you’re away.

Read more about the grilled lobster recipe here –

Bacon-Wrapped Vegetables

Barbecued corn is a staple in the summer. What about bacon-wrapped corn on the cob being a winter bbq staple?

Following in similar footsteps, if you’re not overly keen on corn on the cob, what about bacon-wrapped carrots? In fairness, any vegetables wrapped in bacon and then grilled on a barbecue is surely going to be a hit.

Bacon-wrapped corn recipe here.

Bacon-wrapped carrots recipe here.

Fully Loaded Sweet Potato

This one is a little bit out there and certainly very different, however, we think it’s worth including as it’s certainly a dish worth trying. It might not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but grilled sweet potatoes loaded with marshmallows sounds like the epitome of winter dishes.

You can find the marshmallow recipe here. If this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then try this barbecued sweet potato recipe as an alternative.

Whichever one, or more, of these recipes you decide to try, make sure it’s done safely but most of all, especially in these strange times, make sure you enjoy it.

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