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Festival SG80F

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Festival SG80F

MRP: £1,450.00

The Festival SG80F is the half-size version of our new TG160F for tented areas and build-ups. A powerful stand-alone profit centre in its own right, it can also be a finishing grill for high volume sous vide or kitchen-prepared products.

Whilst maybe not as impressive as our TG160F model, its value is in its portability. This makes it perfect for small markets, sharing between clubs or moving quickly from location to location.

Your vegan or vegetarian clients will also appreciate a smaller side grill to meet with their food separation requirements.

SG80F Practical Features

  • Meets every aspect of the UKLPG Code of Practice 24 Pt3.
  • No assembly needed, no separate parts.
  • Lighter weight, one person operation.
  • Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat, saves time and effort
  • Folds flat to 21.5 cm (8½ ins)
  • Fits into any 4 x 4 vehicle or even a large car boot.
  • Leg design remains stable on soft earth and protects controls when folded.
  • Cooking heat achieved in less than five minutes, fast cool down.
  • Highly visible positional control.
  • Very economical 21 hours from one 13 kg propane cylinder
  • Excess fat collected in any disposable ring-pull can.
  • Warranty for Commercial Use.

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How to Buy the Festival SG80F

As manufacturers we do not sell direct but believe you should be able to support your own preferred distributor. We supply to Catering Equipment Distributors in the UK who may in some cases be able to arrange direct delivery to your premises providing you are a business.


Festival SG80F Technical Specifications

Single Grill Area 80 cm (31.5”) x 45.7 cm (18”)
Total Grill Area 3656 sq cm (567 sq In)
Weight 26 kg
Total Heat Input 8.5 kW
Total Propane Consumption 0.615 kg per hour
Recommended Gas Supply 13 kg Propane Cylinder
(21 hours at full rate)
Input Pressure 37 mbar (LOW PRESSURE)
Regulator supplied and fitted

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