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Keep your BBQ quirky!

As we all know, summer is the traditional time for a barbecue, and we’ve been lucky to have a sizzling one this year. Hopefully, caterers across the UK have been able to max this to the limit, attracting lots of customers onto the patio and into the beer garden at their outdoor events, and have boosted their profits too.

But, there’s plenty more of 2018 to go and plenty more money to be made out of your barbecue. For pub landlords and hoteliers, it’s far from time to hang the cover over the barbecue until next year… so spark up your imagination, get out the Cinders barbecue, and bring a world of imagination to a barbecue event - with a difference -that can increase your bottom line.

Hold a charity barbecue

Holding a charity event can enhance your brand in the community and attract people to your venue, while raising awareness and much-needed funds for great national and local causes.

In October, there are plenty of awareness days that you can support by holding an autumn barbecue event. There’s breast cancer, ADHD, and cerebral palsy to name just a few and, if you’d like to find out more about these, or other events on the calendar, check out Take a look on national charities’ websites, or give one of your local good causes a call for more fundraising tips and information on the great work they do.

It’s X-Factor season, so why not hold a Karaoke BBQ?!

Love it or loathe it, X-Factor is on our screens again, heralding the countdown to Christmas, and always providing a hot topic of conversation. Why not use it as inspiration to whip out a karaoke machine, and keep the punters happy with delicious food hot of the grill while they’re singing along to the hottest hits!

Be inspired by SuperStar, one of the freshest venues in London, where the Korean nation’s passion for karaoke and barbecue fayre are brought together. A wide range of exotic salads accompany some different, delicious, mouth-watering dishes from wine belly pork to chilli chicken and chicken bulgogi.

Sing your heart out as the customers come rolling in.

Murder mystery barbecues

Everyone loves a who-dunnit. If you want your customers to release their inner Clouseau, there’s nothing better than putting on a murder mystery night.

Depending on your budget, bring in a professional murder mystery party supplier, perhaps give an opportunity and bit of cash to a local amateur dramatics group or budding thespians, or even buy in your own board games for a more low key event. Check it out: there’s even a Murder on the Grill!

Make it a date

There's lots to celebrate in autumn, so why not choose a national holiday or celebratory date and put on a themed or fancy dress event to bring people together and make them smile. Put up the Star Spangled Banner, get out the burgers and buns, and celebrate Thanks Giving on 22nd November; crack open the fine German beers, throw a frankfurter on the BBQ, maybe even dust off the Lederhosen to celebrate Oktoberfest; perk up your traditional barbecue with some Indian spice and Hari Ghotra Indian barbecue recipes for the Diwali celebrations on 7th November. Then there’s Mother-in-Law day on 28th October!

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