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Our barbecues are Powerful, Dependable and include a commercial warranty. Pay-back is measured in hours and lifespan in years, making for a very satisfactory business investment.

The versatility of our equipment helps you to take every opportunity from our Great British weather, with unbeatable minimal storage and speed of set-up.

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  • Flat Griddle

    Flat Griddle

    Excl. Tax: £195.00 Incl. Tax: £234.00

    Highly recommended accessory, doubles up as cooking surface or warm storage. Can be used to clean the grill with reflected heat on TG160 & Hotelier...

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  • Pan Support

    Pan Support

    Excl. Tax: £195.00 Incl. Tax: £234.00

    Sturdy frame, fits 2 standard 1/1 100mm deep Gastronorm pans with one overhanging the hot surface. Greatly increases versatility of the grill.

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  • Cinders Barbecues UK - BBQ and Outdoor catering Suppliers

    Wheeled Travel Case (SG80)

    Excl. Tax: £295.00 Incl. Tax: £354.00

    Allows for hygienic transport and storage of the SG80. Perfect for travelling chefs, with a sleek, modern presentation.

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  • Friepans


    Excl. Tax: £165.00 Incl. Tax: £198.00

    50cm diameter cast iron pans, manufactured in Germany. Compatible with any of our barbecues. Fits 3 on a TG160 for great visual effect.

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Almost any outdoor space can be used to promote your business, or to increase net profit directly.

Our GOP (Great Outdoor Profits) page aims to be a resource of ideas and experiences, and covers wider topics than barbecue.

We need your experience of types of furniture, heating, lighting, logistics, menu ideas, pitfalls, event opportunities, amusing downfalls you turned into benefits, in fact anything which could be useful to others in the industry.

Please call our office on 01524 262900 and we will talk it through.


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